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On average Indians spend 40% their time online on social networks.

To be successful in today’s crowded market, it is not solely about what you say about your brand/product but it is how your consumers advocate for you. We help channelize these conversations and build a constructive relationship between the client and their customers. Our social media strategy provides a platform to integrate the marketing goals through active participation from the users.

YouTube :

55 million Users in India

By Volume YouTube is India’s 2nd largest Search Engine

We consider online video marketing an important tool in your marketing arsenal.Viral video marketing is one of the best and the most cost-effective form of marketing. With close collaborations with versatile and innovative studios, we can deliver high impact content.

As of 2016, 70% of all mobile traffic was for video content

Facebook :

250 million Users in India (75% from mobile phones)

Almost every conceivable brand is present on Facebook, but only a few of them stand out and become relevant. Our dedicated team of content creators, updaters, strategists & programmers are constantly evolving and innovating to be on the forefront.

Twitter :

36 million Users & fast growing

A great platform for one on one conversations

With a strong presence of early adopters, the objective most brands fail to achieve is creating a strong connect with their customers. Credibility is tirelessly established via through constant effort and personalisation of content.

We also offer customize services on LinkedIn, SnapChat Tumblr, Pinterest & on messaging apps

Online Reputation Management :

By monitoring relevant online conversations and measuring their impact. We create and seed content enabling you to capitalize  on every positive discussion about your brand

Online Advertising :

Online Advertising is like a double-edged sword that requires special systems and skills to be wielded effectively. Our team effectively pushes relevant content to the desired audience maximizing  R.O.I.

Content Creation :

From Infographics, to memes, videos, blogs, photo-blogs, event coverage, live tweeting & contests are all part of our exhaustive and tested repertoire.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) Services promises to add something new and effective to your Internet Marketing campaign.